How do I check my balance?

Step #1 - Go to www.padroncpa.com Step #2 - Click online payments. Step #3 - View statements. Step #4 - Enter entire account number and your pin number.

How do I advise when I change my phone #’s or automobile?

Please call the management office with all changes so that we may contact you in case of an emergency.

How do I obtain an Estoppel letter when selling property?

Send a request to the property manager. Charge for an Estoppel is 150.00.   Address : 10333 SW 76 Street, Miami Florida 33173

  or   E-mail :  Kendalltwn@Aol.com


Does Kendalltown rent the facilities?

Yes, the Party Room, Lounge, and Kitchen may be rented. The Small Chekee hut can also be rented for children’s parties. The children must be 10 and under. These facilities are only available for residents of Kendalltown.

How do I have debris such as tree clippings and discarded furniture and/or appliances removed in front of my property?

When you purchase a new appliance and have it delivered, the store delivery truck is obligated to remove the old one. If you wish to discard furniture and other large items, call the Management Office first. Place all debris to be picked up, large and small, in front of your home – during the week. Do not place debris out on weekends and holidays. Last pick-up is Friday at 3 pm.

When a Contractor does repairs to my home, how do I have debris removed?

Contractors are responsible for removing all of their debris. If the Association has to pick it up, you will be charged by the truck.

What kind of Roof can be installed on my townhome?

Kendalltown has three phases. Each phase is approved for different roofing material. Please call the Management Office for the approved material for your townhome roof.

What do I do if I wish to make exterior changes to my townhome?

You must complete an Architectural Application prior to any modifications. Forms can be  obtained online or at the Management Office.

Is Kendalltown in a Flood Zone?

Yes, its base elevation is 8 feet, Zone AH.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Insurance for the Common Property?

Call Marsh & McLennan 305-823-2777 or e-mail www.niagroup.com and request a  ertificate for Kendalltown HOA.

When are the townhomes painted?

The townhomes are painted every five (5) years. One phase is painted every year.

How do I report a sewer back up or a water leak on common property?

Call the Management Office with the address.

How do I request paint?

Bring a container and the requested color to the Management Office. Homeowners are entitled to one (1) free gallon of paint per calendar year per unit.

How do I report improperly parked or stored automobiles?

Please call the Clubhouse Office at 305-279-4331.

How do I report a burned out Security Light?

Call the Management Office with the address where the light is located.

How do I report a burned out light pole?

Call the Management Office with the pole number. The Pole number is located on front of  he pole, approximately five feet from the ground.

How do I report a crime in progress or suspicious activity?

Call the police first and then report it to the Management Office.

How do I reserve the tennis courts?

You must be a resident or have a Tennis Membership. Please call the Tennis Pro, Kelley Rickard @ 305-279-4330.

How do I contact the Tennis facility?

E-mail us at Keltown@aol.com or call 305-279-4330.

How do I contact the Clubhouse?

E-mail us at Kendalltwn@aol.com or call 305-279-4331.

What are the Management Office hours?

Management Office is open 10 am to 5:00 pm.

What are the Clubhouse Hours?

Except on holidays, the Clubhouse is Open 10 am to 10 pm, Seven (7) days a week. Check your Kendalltown Gazette for the holiday schedules.

I just moved in. What do I do when I purchase or lease a property in Kendalltown? How do I get to use the Clubhouse amenities?

Bring a copy of your Warranty Deed or Lease to the Management Office. To use the Facilities, you (and any family members) will need to come to the Clubhouse, complete a form and have your picture taken for an I.D. card. I.D. cards cost $5 each. You will receive the Rules & Regulation Booklet at that time.

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